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 01. Plot
 Posted: Jan 13 2016, 10:10 AM
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In the year 2060, the world became acutely aware of the existence of psionics, as well as the destructive power they had at their disposal. Nearly ten blocks of Tokyo were leveled when a powerful psionic lost control of his abilities under pressure, killing thousands in an instant.

Rather than proclaiming all psionics a dangerous enemy as the world seemed to want, the world’s true visionaries hoped to turned their efforts to helping develop and study these abilities that manifested in people, hoping to both prevent future tragedies and to learn more about the capabilities of those with powers similar to the boy who caused Tokyo’s cataclysm.

It is now 2093, and despite people’s best efforts, the world still largely mistrusts psions. While some places exist that have overcome their fear and prejudice, the majority of the world still sees psions as anything from odd to outright inhuman. In an attempt to create places where the psions could live well away from the common folk, Mobile City Ships were created, sailing the oceans so that those on the mainland would stay safe while giving the psions of the world a place to call their own… at least according to the propaganda.

The world is not a safe place for psions, but it’s safer than it might have been on the Mobile City Ships. The question is… can they put up with their treatment in the name of keeping the peace?

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