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 02. Approval Process, please read
 Posted: May 17 2016, 11:38 AM
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Character Approval Process

When creating a character, please keep the following in mind:

1. Make sure you have both an OOC account and character account (it is required to have both here). The character should be posted with your character account.

2. The title of your app should be your character's last name, full first name. Do not include nicknames here; that information will be in the app and can also be reflected by your character account.

3. Use WIP tags to differentiate apps that are still in-progress. When you have completed your app, remove the tag, and then either post in the tag cbox that your app is completed, or bump your app. This ensures that we know your app is complete; we will not guess the status of your app. We will review your app in a timely manner (usually not more than a 3 or so days), and may request edits, most commonly with psychic abilities. Questions are welcome during this process and we will do our best to work with you.

4. After your app has been accepted, you cannot immediately start rping. First, you must submit your claims in the who's who section. After staff has added you to the list, your accounts will also be added to the correct usergroups, which will allow you to post in the other boards. Character accounts can only post in RP sections, while OOC accounts can only post in OOC areas. If you notice you cannot post in a certain section, make sure you're logged into the right account for the corresponding area, and that you've been added to the claims section! If you haven't been added, don't worry, we will add you within a timely manner (generally within 24 hours).

Extra note, about abilities:
When creating a character with powers, the most important part is that it both fits into the theme and there's some limitation. We don't do hard limits of 'can only do this attack within x amount of posts', but just some indication that your character is human will be sufficient. For the theme, there isn't a hard list of what isn't allowed, abilities should fit into a psychic or super-power theme. For example, characters that are other races (like dragons, elves, ghosts...) are not really allowed here; only humans are (although you can give them partial transformation abilities...). Abilities like necromancy also don't fit into the theme. If you're unsure if your idea would work or not, feel free to contact staff! We'll help in the cbox if around, or you can shoot us a PM if not.
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